The Earl of Rutland’s Examination

He saith that being in London with the Earl of Essex he heard him cry out in the streets: "England is bought and sold to the Spaniard." And confesseth, when they had been possessed of London, their purpose was to have taken the Lord Keeper with the to the Court with the Earl of Essex’s company. And that the Earl of Southampton and Sir John Davis were in special confederacy and trust with the Earl of Essex in these causes. Lastly, that the Earl of Essex said, he was sure of Sheriff Smith. And this Deponent specially noted, the Earl of Southampton was very much discontented.

Lord Cromwell’s Examination.

He saith he never heard of the matter till the same Sunday morning when the Earl of Essex, coming through Fleet Street where this Deponent lay. Being sent for by a man of my Lord’s, he came into the street to him, where my lord and divers of his followers took him by the hand and bade him welcome, praying him to go along with him. And the Earl of Essex cried, "It is good of the Queen, and of you all, my masters."

First he went to the Mayor’s house, and then to Sheriff Smith’s house, and being in Gracious Street and hearing of the proclamation, the Earl of Essex said, "Where is the Sheriff? Let him bring muskets and pistols. For I am credibly informed out of Ireland that the Kingdom of England is sold to the Spaniard." And so upon the Proclamation, the Deponent left him and his company.

Lord Sandys His Examination.

He saith he was sent for on Sunday morning the same day by the Earl of Essex, and coming to Essex House, he found but a few there. But in a short time after came the Earl of Southampton with the rest. This Deponent agreeth in divers other circumstances with former examinations. He confesseth he went with the Earl into London and came back with him to Ludgate, and there being repulsed, he heard my lord of Essex cry "Charge! Charge!" and call for his horse. And he saith that Sheriff Smith was as far in the matter as the best of the them.

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