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  • My professional CV on LinkedIn.

  • My photography portfolio on Flickr.

  • My contributions to Wikipedia.

  • My Pinterest Boards (mostly clothing and textiles research).

  • Best of Legends, an archive of 10 years worth of musings on heroic tales in history, literature, folklore, fiction, and the arts. Here you'll find King Arthur, D'Artagnan, Robin Hood, and Blackbeard; ballads, fairy tales, and medieval romance; Howard Pyle and William Morris. No longer updated.

  • Renaissance: The Elizabethan World, featuring the following sites

    Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge, 1558-1603, an online commonplace book for writers, actors, and re-enactors, written by Maggie Pierce Secara. I designed it for the web using period illustrations and calligraphic fonts.

    Elizabethan Heraldry, a collection of original essays, primary source documents, and John Neitz's Blazons of the Ancient Paternal Arms of the Peers of England, for which I rendered the arms in full color.

    I've been fascinated by heraldry's unique combination of graphic design, fossilized language, and arcane tradition for many years, and I have often thought of using the web to teach the principles of armory. The result is A Primer of Blazonry: A Visual Introduction to Heraldry.
  • The Blackwork Embroidery Archives, my collection of original embroidery designs based on historical sources. Some of these patterns were originally self-published in Elizabethan Blackwork (three volumes) and were used in the Schole of Needleworke at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires in Agoura. (This site won a 1997 "Best of the Net" award from The Mining Company. Remember them?)

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A Brief Bio

About the name ... I'll answer to Paula, Kate, Katie, Paula Kate, or pk. All of those are in general use; pick one or collect 'em all!

I am a native Californian, and I live in a late 1930s house in a woodsy pocket of the San Fernando Valley.

By profession, I am an independent consultant in the entertainment industry, specializing in client engagement, collaboration, and communications; my prior experience was as a project manager and business systems analyst. I have also designed, written, edited, and illustrated technical documentation. I have taught business writing and management skills.

By avocation, I am a designer: graphics, embroidery patterns, period costumes, interiors. I paid my graphic design dues using Formatt, Letraset, typewriters, and rubber cement, pasting up the monthly fantasy-fiction newsletter Fantasiae for several years. I am interested in the history of textiles and of clothing, as well as costume for films and the theater. I have made Elizabethan and Victorian costumes..

I was the founding editor of the journal Parma Eldalamberon, an early source for the study of the invented languages in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Parma is still in publication under the editorial direction of Christopher Gilson; much new material is now available for the study of Tolkien's languages.

Other topics which interest me include film, medieval and renaissance history, folk- and calendar-customs of the English-speaking world, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movement, costumes and corsetry, typography, calligraphy, copyediting, grammar, philology, book design and illustration, historical novels, border ballads, rock-and-reel, computers, theories of project management, the evolution of the English language, gardening, photography, urban forestry, and backyard birding.

I was an active member of GEnie's SFRT, 1991-1996, and web-designer-in-residence at Dueling Modems,1997-1999. Since 2005, I have been contributing material on clothing, needlework, Elizabethan portraiture, California history, and other topics to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Most recently I have become enamored of Wikidata, a structured data project.

For the record, my favorite band is Boiled in Lead, and I am a firm but not fanatical believer in the serial comma.

The Blackwork Embroidery Archives
Best of Legends · Renaissance, The Elizabethan World

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