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Blazons of the Ancient Paternal Arms of the Peers of England and Members of the Gentry as Portrayed in the Guild of Saint George

Compiled by John Neitz
Arms Drawn by Paula Kate Marmor

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Arms of historical persons portrayed by Guild of St. George members.
[California, Bristol

Ascham (London): gules a fess or between three dolphins naiant embowed argent

Bacon: gules on a chief argent 2 mullets pierced sable

Bertie: azure three battering rams barwise in pale proper headed and garnished azure

Bromley: quarterly per fess indented gules and or

Camden: azure a fess engrailed between six crosses crosslet fitchée or

Carey: argent on a bend sable three roses argent  
Cavendish: sable three bucks heads cabossed argent

Cheke: argent three crescents gules

Coke: per pale gules and azure three eagles displayed argent (Motto: Prudens qui patiens: prudence through patience)

Cornwallis: argent three choughs sable  
Davison: gules a stag trippant or  
Dee: gules a lion rampant or within a bordure indented or (Motto: Hoc opus)  
Dethick: argent a fess vairy gules and or between three bougets sable

Drake: sable a fess wavy between two estoiles argent

Drury: argent on a chief vert two mullets pierced or

Fernely: or on a bend vert three stag's heads cabossed argent

Fettiplace (of Chilrey & Fernham, co. Berks): gules two chevrons argent

Fettiplace (co. Hants): gules two chevrons argent, in chief two escallops or

Fitton: argent a canton gules, overall on a bend azure three garbs or

Fitzalan: gules a lion rampant or

Flower: Ermines a pierced cinquefoil ermine

Fortesque: azure a bend engrailed argent cotised or

Fynche: argent a chevron between three griffins passant sable (a crescent for difference)

Frobisher: ermine on a fess engrailed azure between three griffins heads erased sable a greyhound courant argent

Gamage:Argent five fusils in bend gules, on a chief azure three escallops argent

Glover: Sable a chevron ermine between three crescents argent

Grenville: gules three clarions or  
Gresham: argent a chevron ermines between three mullets pierced sable

Griffin: sable a griffin segreant argent, beaked and forelegged or

Hales: gules three arrows argent barbed and feathered or

Harrington: sable a fret argent (and a label gules?)

Hatton: azure a chevron between three garbs or

Hawkins: sable on a point wavy argent and azure a lion passant or in chief three bezants

(1571 augmentation: on a canton argent an escallop between two palmers staves sable)


Heneage: or a greyhound courant sable between three leopards faces azure a bordure engrailed gules


Hoby: argent three fusils in fess gules

Hussey: or a cross vert

Kitson (of Hengrave Hall, co. Suff.): sable, three lucies hauriant argent a chief or

Knollys: gules on a chevron argent three roses gules

Lee: argent a fess between three crescents sable

Lyte: gules a chevron between three swans argent

Markham: azure on a chief or a demi-lion rampant issuant gules

Melville: Gules three crescents argent within a bordure of the last charged with eight roses of the first

Mildmay: argent three lions rampant azure armed and langued gules (Several others listed)

Neville: gules a saltire argent

Norreys: quarterly argent and gules; in the second and third quarters a fret or; overall, a fess azure.

O'Neill (Baron Dungannon-Ireland): argent two lions rampant combatant gules armed and langued azure supporting a sinister hand couped at the wrist gules; overall a sinister bendlet sable

Packington: Per chevron sable and argent in chief three mullets or, in base three garbs gules

Parker, Matthew: gules, on a chevron between three keys argent three estoiles or

Parr: argent two bars azure within a bordure engrailed sable

Parry, Blanch: argent a fess between three lozenges a bordure azure

Paston: argent six fleur de lys three, two, and one azure; a chief indented or

Perrot: gules three pears or on a chief argent a demi-lion rampant issuant sable armed and langued gules

Pickering: ermine a lion rampant azure crowned or

Pilkington: (James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham 1561-76; Granted by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Garter 1551). Argent a cross patonce voided gules, on a chief vert three suns or

Raleigh: gules seven fusils in bend argent

Ratcliffe: argent a bend engrailed sable

Sadler: or a lion rampant per fess azure and gules

Sherley: paly of six or and azure a canton ermine paly of six or and azure a canton ermine

St Ledger (Annery, co. Devon): Azure fretty argent a canton or

Stafford: or a chevron gules

Sydney: or a pheon azure

Throckmorton: gules on a chevron argent three bars gemels sable

Trotter (of Byers Hall co. Durham): argent a chief ermine overall a lion rampant azure (Motto: Fortis non ferox: strength not fierceness)

Tyrwitt: gules three tyrwhitts or

Unton: azure on a fess engrailed or between three spearheads argent a greyhound courant sable

Vernon: argent a fret sable

Villiers: argent on a cross gules five escallops or

Walsingham: paly of six argent and sable a fess gules (a crescent or on fess for difference)

Williams, Sir Roger: quarterly 1 and 4: argent three wyverns heads vert holding in their mouths a hand couped at the wrist proper; 2 and 3: vert a chevron between three wolves heads erased or

Willoughby: or fretty azure  
Wroughton:Argent a chevron gules between three boars' heads couped sable

Young, Robert of London: ermine on a chief azure three lions rampant argent  

Corporate and Official Arms

College of Arms: argent a cross gules between four doves the dexter wing addorsed azure

Garter King of Arms: argent a cross gules on a chief azure a crown within a garter between a lion passant guardant and a fleur-de-lys all or

Bristol, City of: gules on the sinister side a castle with two towers domed on each a pennant all argent the castle on a mount in sinister base vert the dexter base barry wavy of six argent and azure thereon a ship with three masts sailing from behind the castle or the fore and main masts in sight sable, on each two sails argent

Bristol Society of Merchants Adventurers: barry wavy of eight argent and azure on a bend or a dragon passant wings indorsed and tail extended vert; on a chief gules a lion passant guardant or between two bezants

See of Canterbury: azure an archepiscopal staff argent ensigned by a cross paty or surmounted by a pall argent edged and fringed or charged with four crosses formy fitchy sable

See of Durham: azure a cross between four lions rampant or

The authors of this site are unable to undertake genealogical research. Those seeking "family arms" should see Common Questions about Heraldry at Heraldica.


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Edited by John Neitz
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