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About the Author

Maggie Pierce Secara was for many years the Countess of Southampton in the Guild of St. George at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (California). She has also been active in Clan MacColin and the Kriegshunde Fähnlein, and directed both performance and costume. In the Society for Creative Anachronism, where she is Mistress Máirghrèad-Rós FitzGarret of Desmond (O.L.), for three years she edited Tournaments Illuminated, the quarterly journal of the Society. Maggie

A technical writer by trade, Maggie has a Master's degree from California State University, Northridge. She is also a working poet, with poems published in little magazines no one ever heard of. She and her very understanding husband live with their cats in cozy suburban splendor in North Hollywood, California.

About the Designer

Paula Kate Paula Katherine Marmor is the editor of Legends, an online journal of heroic tales in history, literature, folklore, fiction and the arts.

By avocation she is a graphic designer and essayist with a passion for old houses, historic costume, swashbucklers, and fantasy fiction. She designed the Fantasy Association newsletter Fantasiae for many years.

She taught embroidery at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (California), and her original blackwork patterns based on Elizabethan styles are available online as The Blackwork Embroidery Archives. She is a regular contributor to Wikipedia in the areas of historical needlework and the history of costume.

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